About Us

We at Bayside's are known for our friendly, personable service. We cater to the needs of our guests while offering our expert advice as well. Do you have a certain hairstyle in mind but are unsure if your hair type will able to be a cut in that way? Just ask us and we will tell you honestly because a goofy haircut will reflect poorly on your stylist. Pictures and/or photos of the particular haircut or style wanted will be helpful too. They will give us a better idea of what you're trying to accomplish.

Maybe you've thought "Why would I have someone shave my beard for me when I can just do it myself?" or "I am the only person who knows how to perfectly trim my mustache, just how I like it." Well, put those thoughts aside because these areas are our stylists' fortes. Here at Bayside's Finest Barbershop, we are all very experienced with shaves and you won't have to worry about knicks or scratches. We will give you an even better shave than you can give yourself.

Bayside's Finest Barbershop is located in five cities, including Bayside and Elmont. We are never too far away so set up an appointment with us. We look forward to having you in!