Kids Haircuts

Bayside, NY

Looking for a barber shop in the Bayside, NY area? Do you want a place that specializes in kids haircuts? Want to be treated with personalized attention, and get a fantastic look? Then Bayside's Finest Barbershop is the place for you.

When you are looking for a shop that can handle kids haircuts, that means you want someone that you can trust to make sure your kids feel comfortable. We totally understand that and we promise that we can offer exactly what you need. Kids are a different kind of customer than adults. They are often afraid of getting their hair cut. They don't always hold still or listen to the directions of the barber. That means you need someone who is patient, has a relaxing way about them and doesn't mind getting a little creative to get the desired look. You also want a place that has a family friendly environment. Our staff is friendly, welcoming and will always remember that there are kids around looking up to us.

When you are selecting a barber shop, you want a place with skilled barbers. You want to know that they have seen a lot of heads and know how to do the latest cuts. Need a shave? We can handle it? Want someone who can do a fade or a tape up? We can do that too. We have years of experience and highly trained barbers who will discuss the type of cut you want, as well as talk about what your hair wants to do naturally. Your satisfaction with your appearance is our top priority. We want you walking out the door feeling even more confident than when you walked in. Our customers will tell you that we have the talent to make that happen. So give us a call today to schedule your appointment, or stop in and see us!